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The Benefits Of Bagless Vacuum Cleaners




The arrival of the vacuum cleaner in our homes has greatly changed and facilitate cleaning and maintenance tasks. Invented more than 100 years ago, a large number of models meeting different needs of use have since come into being.

Today we focus on bagless vacuum cleaners whose first invention dates from 1939. The first bagless vacuum cleaner was launched by Dyson in 1993 in France, but initially created in Japan in 1983 under the name De Gforce by James Dyson who had not yet made his mark.

But what are the advantages of a bagless vacuum cleaner and how does it work ? Here are our answers to guide you in your acquisition.

What brand of vacuum cleaner without a bag?

The Dyson brand is the market leader in bagless vacuum cleaners. She is also at the origin of the invention of cyclonic vacuums for which she had filed the patent. At the moment the patent is in the public domain which allows many other manufacturers to present Washable HEPA filter vaccum cleaner models.

In order to find the model that suits you, I recommend this guide to choose the right vacuum cleaner Dyson .

Dyson nevertheless remains ahead of these competitors and patents many technological advances in the field of vacuum cleaners.

The operation of a bagless vacuum cleaner

The general operation of this type of material is quite close to models with bag. The big difference is in the engine inlet where the bag compartment has been replaced by a removable plastic tank .

The motor, through which the sucked air passes, is protected by a conical filter. The airflow from the wiper cyclically moves in the receiving compartment to allow maximum compression of the dust and especially its smaller sparticles.

Two types of models exist, cyclonic or multi-cyclonic vacuums . The operating principle, invented initially by Dyson , remains identical but the second model offers more suction power thanks to the movement of the air flow. It thus presents a reduction of the maintenance of the apparatus.

The benefits of a Bagless vacuum cleaner

A bagless vacuum has undeniable advantages unlike those using a bag. First, they provide us with a direct and constant view of the contents of the dusty tailing storage compartment.

You will be able to clean it as soon as you deem necessary. In addition this direct view and its ease of access will allow you to check its content very quickly and recover any object that you have inadvertently sucked. No more loss of an earring!

The second major benefit is that you will no longer need to buy replacement bags that are priced excessively high. Despite a price slightly higher than the purchase, a Bagless vacuum cleaner will be quickly amortized.

The disadvantages of a Bagless vacuum cleaner

Although having major advantages, a Bagless vacuum cleaner has some disadvantages. To begin, the interview will be a little more tedious. Indeed the recovery tank is not disposable, it will require a manual cleaning. During this interview you will be able to genererv.

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The Benefits Of Bagless Vacuum Cleaners

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