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A Complete Guide to Know About the Photography Backdrops



The photography backdrops can easily and simply add personality and style to your photography studio. It will help in removing clutter from the image and draw the attention of viewers directly to the object or person whose picture is clicked. The photography backdrop stand is very much helpful in clicking pictures of products that you want to sell online.

If you want to increase the sale of your products online, then the photography backdrops are very helpful. In simple terms, the photography backdrops can make or break your image. So you must consider various important factors while choosing the photography backdrops for personal or professional use:

Backdrop Size Options

The photography backdrops are available in different sizes. It is very much important to choose the appropriate size professional photography backdrop kit for your studio. The size of the photography backdrop is based on the size of the studio and subject.

It is required to pull the portrait size objects 3’ away from the backdrop. It will prevent the formation of shadows and also allow proper lighting. You have to change the distance of the subject from the backdrop while clicking overhead pictures.

Backdrop Color Options

When it comes to the color of the backdrop, there are so many choices and print selections. Usually, the selection of the backdrop color is based on the mood and story that you want to shoot with your camera.

You have to consider a few factors while choosing the backdrop and some of them are described below:

  • If you want to place your subject in a location that is not accessible, then green screen basics can help you.
  • The printed backdrop will help in adding a touch of style to the shots by using the classic portraits with the printed backdrops.
  • The solid backdrops are perfect for the clean and modern style of headshots. The solid backdrops can help you to get the best headshot expression.
  • The white backdrops are good for easy photo composting.

Backdrop Mounting Options

There are various types of mounting backdrops available in the market so must choose the one carefully. Some professionals designed mounts and some are DIY solutions as well.

Some of the widely popular solutions of the backdrop mounts are:

  • Wall Hook Backdrop Mounting
  • Wall Hooks

One of the simplest ways to mount the backdrop is the wall hooks. It is perfect for those who are using the small size and lightweight backdrop stand. You can easily install the backdrops inside your wall. It is recommended that you should pick up a pack of some removable wall hooks so that they do not affect your walls.

The common backdrop mounting solution for the photography studios is the traditional backdrop support system. If you include two of the included crossbars, then it is possible the backdrop support system can easily mount the very large size backdrops.

If you will use the three different crossbars, then it is possible to mount the backdrops 10.5 feet high. This type of mounting system can mount 12-feet tall people or products. Usually, the backdrop support system consists of a mount that features a pole pocket. This type of pocket simply slides on the crossbars.

The backdrops which are not composed of the pole pocket can also be mounted on the backdrop support system with the spring clamps. You can easily find the spring clamps in any kind of hardware store. Usually, they cost only a few dollars. The spring clamps are perfect to go around the studio.

By using the spring clamps, you can easily use the clamp backdrop taut at the bottom of the backdrop to get rid of shadows and wrinkles. The photography backdrop support safe is durable, versatile, and long-lasting as well.

The backdrop mounting solution needs a small room and it may be very difficult to use in a small size studio. You should invest in the backdrop support system only if you have a professional and large-size studio.

Fabric/Material Options

The backdrops are made up of different types of materials. You should select the appropriate material for the backdrop to bring a significant difference in your photographs. The quality of the fabric/material of the backdrop can bring significant differences in the care, appearance, and durability of the backdrop. The different types of material used in the backdrop support systems have different pros and cons.

Most of the solid color backdrops are made up of the wrinkle-resistant cotton-polyester blend fabric. It is a fleece-like fabric and it does not lead to reflection. In addition to this, the backdrops are machine washable and very much easy to store.

Due to the ultra natter surface of the backdrop, they are quite easy to use. In addition to this, they are lightweight and portable as well. They are good for screen composites, low-key black shots, and high-key white shots.

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A Complete Guide to Know About the Photography Backdrops

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