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7 Most Common Boiler Problems and Why They Occur!



It is essential to keep your boiler in working condition because it is the heart of your home. Problems in the boilers can occur at any time. Sometimes these issues are avoidable, and sometimes not. Your boiler can let you down at some point in time even when you have maintained it in tip-top condition. If the issues in your boilers persist during cold winters, they can fling your home into clutter. Sometimes, the repair for boilers can be expensive and sometimes resolved without the assistance of professional technicians. However, a heating engineer is needed if there is a significant defect in the boiler. This post describes seven major boiler issues and their causes.

The pilot light running out

The pilot light can run out due to the breaking down of a thermocouple, which is a draught that blows out the pilot light or a residue build-up in the pilot light. Fixing this issue is as easy as reigniting the flame. Before moving to reignite flames, where gas is in usage, you need to check out whether your boiler is acquiring gas or not. However, if no gas is getting to the boiler, it implies that your gas has turned off in the whole house.

No heat in the radiators

If your radiator is not warm at the top but warm at the bottom, it means there is air in the radiator. This issue might occur when there is grime or sludge build-up in the transfer area of the boiler. You can fix this issue by bleeding the radiator. Conversely, if this is not the concern, you may need to clean the pipes with the help of a power flush. 

Dripping and Leaking 

Water leakage in your boiler can occur due to various issues. To determine the problem, you need to find the place of leakage. Leakage in the boiler can arise due to high-pressure valve, breakdown of pipes, ageing seal, old parts etc. For determining the reason for leakage, you need to reach out to a regional heating contractor. 


You can reach kettling when lime scales get formed on the heat exchange of your boilers. The kettling sound of boilers resembles the sound of a tea kettle. This noise can appear with your pipes and boiler. Due to the problem of kettling, your boiler can become hard to operate to supply the hot water or heat you want. This issue is ordinary in the home provinces with rigidity in water and can sometimes appear in areas where delicacy in water resides. 

Irregular Heating

Boilers are an essential component of your home. There can be malfunctioning in the elements of your boiler when water does not heat up. Irregularity of heating could suggest resetting or replacing the thermostat of your boiler. So, instead of resolving the issue yourself, reach out to a heating contractor to scan the problem.

Thermostat problems

The thermostat of your boiler can become inaccurate if it is older. Such inaccuracy can turn off and on the heating itself and misread the temperature settings. Due to such concerns, your boiler needs to be replaced or fixed immediately. The thermostat of your boiler can also become inaccurate when its wires become loose. 

 Freezing of the condensate pipe

In cold weather conditions, condensation in the tube may freeze, provoking a blockage in return. This blockage can back up the condensate into the boiler and generate a shutdown. 

You can resolve this issue by defrosting the condensate tube. If you are not willing to employ a heating contractor, you need to use protective gear and gloves to protect yourself and evade injuries. 

The last line

Numerous issues can emerge with your boilers, and for each of them, you need to consider different factors. If you are also encountering heating concerns with your boilers, you can fix the problem by holding it back in no time. However, if the issue worsens, it is recommended to reach out to a heating contractor skilled in replacing and repairing the boilers.

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