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6 Signs That Make You Think Your Dryer Needs a Repair



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Are you looking for dryer repair because your electric dryer is not doing its job perfectly, or you stressed out trying dryer troubleshooting? At 1Coverall, we are old hands at understanding what makes an appliance tick. In this post, we will share some of the common causes for electric dryer failure, broken dryer belt symptoms, and six signs that make you think your electric dryer needs repair.

6 Common signs your dryer needs a repair

In this section, we will discuss six common signs your electric dryer needs repair or replacement. We recommend not trying to repair your electric dryer on your own as it is equipped with many components that may cause some serious injury to you. 

 1. Drum won’t turn

If the electric dryer drum is not turning, but the dryer itself engages when turned ON, your dryer probably has a belt issue. There is a very simple and small belt responsible for maintaining the tension that keeps a drum moving, and if it is damaged or has come across any issue, it can stop normal rotation.

 2. The heat feels insufficient

Is your electric dryer running normally but failing to produce sufficient heat? The most common cause behind this issue is the heating element. The heating element can be fixed, but we would recommend calling an electric dryer repair technician to handle the task.

 3. The dryer does not start

The most common cause of dryer refusing to start is a failed or broken door sensor. As a safety measure, door sensors are installed in all-electric dryer systems. If the door sensor is damaged, it will tell your electric dryer that the door is not closed, which prevents your dryer from running normally. The door sensor of your dryer is usually located on the bottom front of the door itself. It will be connected to simple wiring.

 4. Banging or popping noises

If you come across a rhythmic or intermittent thump, it means another belt issue. This electric dryer problem tends to appear when the belt is worn out, but not quite broken yet. The belt becoming loose is causing the drum to move strangely, producing unusual noise.

 5. Grinding or squealing 

If your dryer is producing loud metal grinding or squealing noises, it means that there is an issue with the motor bearings. This is a complex issue and needs a professional job, and it needs to be handled fairly quickly. Damaged motor bearings will quickly result in a complete electric dryer breakdown, and can cause further damage if not fixed soon enough.

 6. The electric dryer stops mid-cycle

While cycle stops can indicate an electrical dryer repair problem and sometimes it will mean your dryer is overheating. This dryer issue can be caused when there are blockages in ventilation. Start by clearing all lint traps and inspecting your electric dryer ventilation for a clear passage of air.

So these were six signs that make you think your electric dryer needs repair. If you are looking for professional help, please get in touch with 1Coverall. At 1Coverall, we have professional technicians on board who bring years of expertise in resolving your dryer repair problems. We hope this post helped you learn the six most common signs your dryer needs repair. Keep yourself tuned to this section in order to read more such posts.

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