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A Complete Guide To Choose The Best Exhibition Stand Builders?



Trade shows provide an opportunity to all business owners to spread brand awareness, increase the sales and get high revenue. According to the surveys, 49 per cent of trade show visitors instantly purchase the products and services at the exhibition stand during the trade show. This is such a huge number and no exhibitors should leverage this opportunity to increase the sale and earn high profit.

Exhibition stand design plays a vital role in booth success. But, how to create a design that can bring a high Return On Investment (ROI)? You need the professionals who can help you in designing the stunning trade booth which is capable to engage more and more employees. Now, the next hurdle is how to choose the right exhibition stand builders. Below are some tips to choose the best.

1. Start Doing Research

If you want to choose the right exhibition stand designer then you have to do some initial research. But make sure you start doing research as early as possible because it will take some time to find the suitable exhibition stand builders and after that those professionals will also take their time to build the stand. How much time will require to build your stand depends on the size of your display booth.

Large display booth may take longer than the smaller one. The large display stand requires 12 to 18 months, whereas smaller one may take only 6-12 months. If you will have enough time then you can consider various options and select the company that can fulfil your requirements.

2. Match Their Services With Your Requirement

You must choose that company who can help in building an exhibition stand as per your requirements because only that company will serve you well whose services match your needs. For instance, if you are looking for a custom exhibition stand then you must eliminate those companies which offer rental stand services. Moreover, also confine your search only to those companies that can design the stand as per business values.

At last, also make sure that the selected company can meet your budgetary demands. The best method is to upfront with exhibition stand designing company regarding the charges and deadline. It will help you in estimating how much you have spent on your booth construction.

3. Consider their Expertise

The best way to inspect their expertise is to find their relevant experience in this field. For example, exhibition stand contractors that have many years of experience in the booth construction field will have a thorough knowledge of the exhibition industry and can easily design your booth as per your demands.

Moreover, the best trade booth design companies are comprised of a team of professionals. If you choose a company that has a big team that you will receive the benefits from the team’s cohesiveness.

4. Ask For References

If you have shortlisted best companies then the next step is to ask them for the references of their previous customers. Take their contact numbers, call them and ask their experiences. It will help you in getting a clear idea that how satisfied the company’s previous customers are.

After talking to the previous customers of the company, you will also find out whether this company is capable to fulfil your requirements like deadline, design, budget, etc. You will find out how capable and professional this booth designing company is. Finally, choose the one which has various positive references.

5. Good Customer Service

As a customer, you want to have good customer service and it includes their good behaviour, deep discussion regarding your requirements, complete the project within the specified time-frame and many more.

You should never feel irritated or ignored. They must make you feel valuable and also readily available to discuss your business value and mission so that they can design the booth as per your business needs.

Before hiring any company conduct a round of discussion and only choose them if you come out with the feeling that they are capable to work with you and cater to your needs. Most important, they should have friendly and helpful behaviour.

Final Words

You should not select the exhibition stand designing company by just making a few guesses. You should find out the best company as you are going to invest huge money. Follow the above-mentioned tips to find out the right company that can fulfil your demands.

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