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3 Creative Ideas For Exhibition Banner Stand Design



For any exhibition marketing expert or event company, the design of an exhibition banner stand is of critical importance. For formulating the first impressions of your entire business it is very crucial to make the right kind of impact as your exhibition stand is what the customers will be using.

In today’s environment, products and services alone are not enough to gain a competitive advantage; customers or clients want the whole package.

A creative conference stands UK will enhance your ability to attract expo attendees to your display and engage with them in order to achieve your goals.

There are endless ways to be creative and stand out at an expo, you just need the courage to be bold and eye-catching with your stand design.

An exhibition stand designer will be able to develop a design an exhibition banner stand that you love, but it’s always helpful to have some ideas of our own that your designer can work on.

To help you feel inspired we’ve put together a list of stands that we love and believe hit the mark when it comes to show-stopping stands mobile app development company.

Make it a simple one

Although the design of the stand looks simple, the creativity lies in the seamless integration of the products and the meeting areas to form an inviting space.

Often bright colors and bold graphics won’t be suitable to your brand and it can be more effective to take a more neutral approach with the design to create a welcoming space that showcases your brands’ purpose with outdoor exhibition stands.

To attract your target audience to your stand, try to be bold and unique with your design. From overhead signage to audacious flooring, you can add a unique spin on your typical exhibition stand.

Instead of using walls to create private areas for meetings with prospects, the designers and builders can now opt for eye-catching serial planes to create a wall effect while still maintaining an open and inviting space.

Simplicity doesn’t have to be boring. Different textures and materials can be paired together, alongside bold neutral tones, to create a great stand for your business.

The true to the purpose of the brand can be displayed through the stands as they use raw wood materials that both compliment and showcase the products. This shows how a stand can be used to reflect the brand’s messages and purpose.

Creating a theme

Having product displays at your exhibition stand is one thing but bringing a brand’s service to life is a whole new challenge that can have great results if achieved.

You can also create a stand with a galaxy of public transport opportunities’ with a space-themed setting. Aside from being a clever way to attract attention, it’s also an effective method for showcasing a service.

Rather than simply display the products that Schreder offers, the stand creates an inviting setting that shows how the products can be used to illuminate a space.

Being imaginative with your graphics and adding extra elements, such as artificial grass, is a simple but effective way to turn your stand into a creative space.

Going with a theme for your stand can help you create a space that is unique to your brand. You can now choose an exciting stand that attendees will want to approach to find out more about the company and the products or services it offers.

You can even feature an open seating area, a bar, and a DJ stand. To keep a balance between business and party, the upstairs level of this stand was built to be fully accessible private meeting rooms for those important conversations with prospects.

Attractive detailing

An effective exhibition banner stands should translate the brands’ values and message to their audience. A stand can highlight the purpose of the company with a complete vertical garden full of bright green plants.

The natural elements of the stand attract the eye and create a welcoming space. Once attendees see this stand, they have an idea about the type of company it is and can approach the stand to learn more.

The stand can creatively make the best use of a small space with a two-story build. This allows the brand to have a strong presence, despite being in a small space.

The bright colors and green grass-effect flooring bring the brand to life. The overhead sky graphics add a creative touch to the stand and captures the attention of attendees passing by. This is certainly a space that will attract attention.

If the rich, blue graphics of this stand doesn’t catch your eye, then the quirky design will. The curved wall is a small change that adds a big difference to the overall atmosphere of the stand. The seating space remains very open and welcoming, while still offering privacy for meetings with prospects.

Another eye-catching detail on this stand is the gift-bags. These are an incentive for attendees to approach the stand, and an opportunity for you to spark a conversation with them. The placement of these gift-bags, paired with the design, make it an appealing and approachable stand.

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