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13 Ideal Exhibition Stand Mockup Ideas To Explore



This may seem like a challenge. However, discovering a way for your exhibition stand mock-up to out from the crowd can often be hard – but it doesn’t have to be.

1. Large exhibition stands

Large exhibition or pop up exhibition stands can be modular or be highly customized and bespoke designs. If your budget allows, custom / bespoke stands are ideal for large scale product launches or other one-off events.

2. Small exhibition stand ideas

When it comes to exhibition stand mockup and events, bigger doesn’t necessarily mean better.
Here are a few points about why small exhibition stands might be a better solution for you and can make an even bigger brand impact.

3. More to spend on marketing

Large stands can be expensive. When you spend nearly your entire budget on large space and stand expenses, you won’t have enough left to market effectively to your target audience.

When you have a smaller booth, you will be spent mainly on the following:

  • Marketing campaigns
  • Email promotions
  • Pre-show promotions
  • At-show promotions

These efforts will help you drive more traffic to your stand which will result in more leads and sales.

4. Empty space

The promotion stand mockup can make some people feel intimidated. Many exhibitors will tell you that they have seen pretty large stands that haven’t been used to their full potential or were just too big for the size of the show.

5. Intimacy

It is all about generating quality leads. You will have a greater opportunity to interact with all when someone designs the booth.

When you are looking to start some intimate conversations and demos of private product they are the perfect place for the same.

6. Number of attendees

Don’t assume that the show will be as successful as the year before. Does all the necessary research to find out how many people will attend?

Assuming the turn out will be greater or even the same as the previous show is not good enough. You might end up having a stand that is too large for the number of people attending.

You will thereby be spending more money on something that you hardly need.

7. Some innovative ideas to choose for exhibition stands

As discussed earlier on, the creative and innovative pop-up display counters are both challenging as well as rewarding.

The following ideas will ensure that you are reflecting on your brands and products in the best possible manner:

  • Clear and concise identity of the brand
  • Well-defined trade shows strategy and something that is planned uniquely.
  • Bolder and effective layout of the graphics
  • Considerations with the bespoke videos and samples
  • Integration of social media

8. Unique exhibition stands

To make the things fall in their right places with innovative designs and experiences. So, what do you understand by the word “unique” in the age of the brand, their likes and the trends that are involved?

9. Interactive ideas for exhibition stands

So, here are some ways to engage with your trade show audience and provide them with an experience they’ll remember.

10. Photo Booths

Invite visitors to have their photo taken. In addition, ask them to create a caption for the photo that relates back to your brand. After the event, you can share these photos and captions online. This allows people to tweet and share them!

11. Q&A

Encourage your audience to ask questions via social media platforms, and host a Q&A session throughout the exhibition to widen your audience and also improve communication between customer and brand both online and in person.


Sure, competitions are a commonly used tactic at exhibitions, there is always mileage for innovative competitions to take the stand.

For example, incorporate social media networks prior to the event, and encourage people to get involved. Make sure the prize is something people will want and you’ll be surprised at the result!

12. Games

Games are also a fantastic opportunity to encourage brand awareness, as well as a fun and creative way to implement customer engagement.

Introduce a game that visitors can play when they visit your stand, and after the event, make it downloadable as an app.

This will help you attract more people, and keep them engaged for longer. Why not display a scoreboard somewhere on your stand to encourage competition between visitors?

13. Design ideas from Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs’ innovation and creativity inspired numerous designers and entrepreneurs. He was a passionate pioneer and innovator of products that are now in the hands of millions all over the globe. Steve Jobs shared ideas that continue to inspire us –

Here are a few key lessons from Jobs about design that we’ve learned:

Structural design: There are many elements that constitute its looks with the exhibition stand design. Structural drawings and design calculations play a large role in the development of your exhibition stand.

Ensure design meets objectives: Your stand needs to meet your objectives and accommodate all your requirements:

  • Brand representation
  • Messaging
  • Audio-visual equipment
  • Demonstration areas
  • Storage

The list is not exhaustive but all the elements need to be taken into account. A well-designed space should enable you to control the focus of your visitors’ attention and generate a continuous flow of traffic.

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